Why should I plan ahead?

Pre-planning your service relieves your family and loved ones from having to make complicated and important choices during a time of tremendous stress and emotional strain. During the passing of a loved one those experiencing grief are not thinking very clearly, making decisions regarding your memorial service become immensely difficult and emotional. Often times one says “Don’t make a big deal out of it, just get me buried and move on.” It is important to understand that the funeral services have deep roots in tradition, healing process for those grieving and celebrations of your life to help those dealing with loss to move on. It provides your loved ones and friends a wonderful opportunity to share memories of your life and offer support and comfort for one another.


Advantages of Preplanning Your Funeral

  • Preplanning will express your wishes.
  • Preplanning relieves your family from making difficult decisions at an emotional time.
  • Preplanning will give you and your family the security and satisfaction knowing that most or all of the arrangements have been planned and paid for.


Pre-Need planning helps you and your family make the best decision today for use in the distant future. By planning today, you: 

  • Avoid putting your family through hasty decisions at a stressful time.
  • Lock in today's pricing for use in the distant future.
  • Have peace of mind that everything has been taken care of.
  • In addition to helping the family during a stressful time, you can relieve the financial burden of spreading your pre-need arrangements over an agreed upon time period.

The Process

The Preplanning process for your service can be informal and simple by filling out our pre-planning form. Our experienced and friendly staff offer a wide range of support to help make the process easy and worry free. If you prefer more formal arrangements we can arrange a meeting with our caring and courteous staff. Whether you decide to use the pre-planning form or a formal meeting with our staff, rest assured your final wishes will be shared with the family member of your choosing assuring a smooth and worry free funeral service.

Funeral and memorial services can be pre-funded through your life insurance, bank trust and many other methods. Our funeral director is knowledgeable with all forms of pre-funding and will be able to set up a preneed contract. The preneed contract gives you comfort in knowing your final arrangements are pre-funded and your services are in a manner you’ve chosen.